Light & Design is cancelled

Unfortunately, we need to inform you that Light & Design is cancelled indefinitely.

The event was to be arranged on 7-8 May 2024 and meant to function as a new meeting place for the Nordic lighting and design industry. With exciting launches, inspiring workshops, and ultimate conditions for you to expand your network.

We need to take the fair back to the drawing board and sharpen our concept, to be able to meet the industry’s needs in the best way possible. We truly appreaciate the response we have received since the launch and hope that we can come back, stronger and more brilliant than ever.

Thanks and we’ll see you in the future!

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What is Light & Design?

On the trade fair floor, exhibitors and visitors come together over their common denominators to experience the future product range within all types of lighting. Under clear focus areas, a business climate is created to enable effective meetings between the right people. We know that your time is valuable and want to take as little of it as possible. We believe in creating relevance for you as a visitor and that it should be easy to find the right thing!

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What's in it for me
as a visitor?

Clear focus areas: The fair’s focus areas encompass Lighting, Technology, and Design. Discover a range of products and meet both major companies and bold newcomers.

Networking opportunities: Network and mingle with numerous like-minded industry colleagues, from lighting designers and visual merchandisers to architects and store owners.

Relevant seminar program: Be inspired by industry cases and listen to experts on topics that have something for everyone.

Exclusive Workshops: Take part in a unique concept with workshops that provide you with valuable tools to take home.

Step into our creative showrooms: Light & Design stimulates your senses. Our three showrooms give you the chance to see products and innovations in an authentic environment.


What do I get as an exhibitor?

Simple participation: You buy a complete booth package from us. The booth is ready when you arrive and you don’t need to worry about electricity, cleaning, etc.

Successful networking: Present your products to a broad and design-interested audience. Here you will meet lighting designers, project managers, store owners and visual merchandisers.

Efficient lead acquisition: Light & Design is a smart event. Through the reader in your booth, you can exchange contact information with everyone who visits your booth. Leave the notepad and brochure at home!


The fair has its first speakers

Light & Design invites you to inspiring conversations and discussions about lighting and design.
Now we have finished with our first speakers!

Daniel Hodierne

Good design is inherently sustainable

Senior Lighting Designer.
There is a lot of talk about circularity, reuse, and remodeling of fixtures. Those are all important and good aspects of sustainability, but what about using less? As designers, we should ask ourselves the questions: Do we really need this? Can we remove this fixture or light character? Can we reduce the amount? Can we use smaller fixtures with less material in them and use less electricity?

Svante pettersson

Creating light in good and bad times

-Making soup out of thin air?

Lighting artist and lighting designer Svante Pettersson takes us on projects of recent years where the economic conditions have fluctuated greatly. Some customers want to invest big, while more and more want budget solutions due to troubled times. However, they often have a common desire for maximum WOW factor in the end result.


Step into our environments

At Light & Design on 7-8 May, you as a visitor have the opportunity
to experience the effect of light directly in a living environment. In our three environments, the exhibitors have positioned their products so authentically
as possible. Together, a place is formed where your senses are awakened to a new level.


Technical and public lighting

How to design the light in the public space in the best way. Here the focus is on lighting control and innovative solutions.



Here is lighting for the future. See the latest solutions in environmentally friendly and energy efficient components.


Design lighting

Step into this environment and experience the latest from the Nordic design market. Be inspired by all the beautiful works!

Light & Design is created
by the team behind Elmässan Stockholm

The meeting place is built by a team with extensive experience from the electricity and lighting industry. Elmässan has been organized since 2004 and is a highlight of the year.

our exhibitors

Who do you meet on the trade fair floor?

We want to enable product launches on the Nordic market from our exhibiting companies, which means that you as a visitor can take part in the very latest in lighting on site. Among other things, you will meet:

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